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Martti gives you immediate access to a team of qualified medical interpreters at a moment’s notice so you can instantly earn your patients’ trust.  Because when you’re speaking the same language, you’ll better understand their symptoms, take a more complete history, make a more accurate diagnosis, and provide safer, more precise, more complete care.

Why Martti?

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Real-Time Video Medical Interpreters at the Push of a Button

Martti provides real-time video medical interpreting so you can communicate with your patients quickly and accurately.


Connect. Communicate. Care.


Connect with a certified medical interpreter anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Ensure an equal standard of care for LEP and Deaf patients.

The Most Languages. Period.

Over 60 languages in video and 250 in audio.

Enhance Productivity

Timely access to an interpreter improves Patient Flow.

Easy to Use

One-touch simplicity. The easy button for interpretive services.

Reduce Your Risk

Reduced misunderstandings mitigates risk and drives compliance.

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"Martti offers qualified interpreting at a moment's notice and plays a sizable role in our ability to provide interpreting on-demand. Martti also helps us hold the line on costs, even as our volume of patients continues to increase."

Donna Prendergast
Service Excellence Manager

"One of our hospitals has cut its need for face-to-face, scheduled, interpreters by 70% resulting in cost-savings, along with greater satisfaction and efficiency in providing services to patients. We are extremely satisfied with our LAN partners and are excited to continue expanding services in the future." 

Peg Currie, RN
Regional Chief Nursing Officer

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